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"Cathy Cessna is one of the brightest and most competent persons I have ever met. She succeeded me at Ingleside Homes, Inc. as Director of Development and Marketing. Through the years, she has distinguished herself as one of the best fundraisers in this region and oversees strategic initiatives for the Ingleside Group as well. I highly recommend her as the consummate development professional."

Frank DeSantis
Manager, Emerging Enterprise Center at New Castle County Chamber of Commerce

The wealth of knowledge and contacts that Cathy brings to the table are amazing. She is a pleasure to work with. Her gentle prodding kept us on track, and she helped us clearly articulate our mission and business model in a way that was relevant to our audience. Her advice has proven invaluable. 

June 17, 2015, Frank was Cathy's clientraph here.

Troy A. Nuss
Chief Development Officer at Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

"When I was just starting out at Highfield Masonic Home of Delaware and really didn't know what I had gotten myself into I met with Cathy. She ensured me that I was in over my head, but provide me with direction to help me get focus on raising money for the Home. Through the year's Cathy has helped me believe in myself and grow as a fundraising professionals. I know whenever I need wise counseling or sound advise Cathy will be there to provide it to me. Cathy is a wonderful professional and someone that I am honored to call a colleague and friend. Thank you Cathy!!!"
 August 4, 2014, Troy A. worked with Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc

Rebecca Worley
Professor at University of Delaware

"I've worked with Cathy over several years, providing student interns to work with her on projects for Ingleside Homes. She's been an excellent mentor for these students, providing students with excellent experience and professional guidance that has served them well in their careers. It's been a win-win situation. Many thanks to her for the time and expertise."
April 29, 2014, Rebecca worked with Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Annie Urbanik
Senior Marketing Analyst at Sallie Mae Annie Urbanik

“Cathy Cessna acted not only as my internship instructor, but also as a mentor during my time working and volunteering at Ingleside Homes.
During the summer of 2007, I participated in the University of Delaware’s Service Learning Symposium, spending 24 hours a week for 3 months to extend Ingleside Homes' marketing outreach through the creation of an effective, well-designed website and newsletter campaign. During this project, I gained proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and the Dotche content management system.  During this project, Cathy worked closely with me to make sure that I had the support I needed to not only complete the project, but to gain professional experience – an opportunity that I believe helped me to secure my a job in my field after college. At a time when most recent graduates had trouble securing a job at all, I was able to begin working the day after graduation as a marketing assistant for a publishing company. My experience with Cathy was so worthwhile, that I continued my relationship with Ingleside well beyond the scope of the original internship and stayed on in a volunteer capacity through January 2012. At that time, Cathy gave me the opportunity to work as a freelance web designer to improve my original website design from 2007 and add additional functionality and enhance user experience. Shortly after completing this project, I was able to add it to my resume and found that it was extremely useful in securing my current job as a marketing manager at Sallie Mae. Cathy is an intelligent, passionate person who really puts herself out there to make sure that her interns and employees are getting the most out of their experience. I highly recommend her, and feel that her support of me during my internship and beyond really helped to launch my career."
April 10, 2014, Annie reported to Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Sue Bernetich, CFRE
Vice President of Development at Delaware Hospice, Inc.

"Cathy was a presenter for the AFP Brandywine Chapter's CFRE Review Course. She did an outstanding job with the module, "Building & Sustaining Relationships!" She stayed within our time constraints and thoroughly covered the material in a way that was interesting, informative and fun."
April 1, 2014, Sue was with another company when working with Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Stephanie Cory
Philanthropy & Governance Trainer/Consultant

"I first heard Cathy speak about fundraising through a presentation she led for the AFP-Brandywine Chapter. She was a true subject matter expert and was an engaging speaker. When I need a skilled trainer to educate and motivate Junior League members about fundraising, Cathy is who I turn to. She excels at taking an intimidating topic and making it approachable for volunteer fundraisers of all experience levels."
March 31, 2014, Stephanie was Cathy's client

Kevin O'Brien
Owner, Law Office of Kevin A. O'Brien

"I served as a member of the board of trustees for Ingleside Homes for seven years, the last two as Chairman of the Board. In all of that time, Cathy Cessna was always making things happen. You can't find a better fundraiser. She is a real go-getter."
March 27, 2014, Kevin managed Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Barry Zias
Owner, Aerie Consultants LLC and Management Consultant

"Cathy is very knowledgeable, aggressive and flexible in pursuing her responsibilities as Business, Program & Fund Development Director at IHI. She is always looking for ways of expanding and improving the operations at Ingleside. She works with the City, County and State political establishments as well as a number of private foundations in obtaining grants for capital grants.

April 26, 2010, Barry was with another company when working with Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Mark Olazagasti
Managing Partner, Info Solutions LLC

"Simply put, Cathy is tremendous to work with and has been a strong advocate of Info Solutions. Great attitude, integrity, diligence, and attention to detail are her best attributes. A great addition to any team!"
November 16, 2009, Mark was a consultant or contractor to Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Farhad Amini
Global Customer Operations (GCO) Services Business Program Manager at SAP

"It has been a pleasure to work with Cathy at Ingleside to improve the Information Technology for the company. She understood & provides critical input on the needs of the employees and their daily struggles with their computers and applications. As a result, we were able to design and implement an IT infrastructure that is now solid and requires little maintenance. to implement the plan.
In my experience working with Cathy, I continue to observe how she performs the necessary research to understand the needs of the situation, acquire the appropriate resources to implement a plan to achieve the necessary end result."
November 16, 2009, Farhad reported to Cathy at Ingleside Homes, Inc.

Senior Account Manager - SynergyWare Software Systems
Resources for Human Development

Kathryn M. Jakabcin
Director of Risk Management at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor LLP

"Cathy is a highly competent enthusiasm-machine, bringing well-directed passion to her impressive communication and organizational skills. She served as an effective ambassador of the product (software) and services she represented to potential customers on behalf of Resources for Human Development."
October 10, 2009, Kathryn M. worked with Cathy at Resources for Human Development

Tim Johnston
Senior Project Portfolio Manager at Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

"Cathy is enthusiastic and energetic; when times are challenging, you can expect her to fully and enthusiastically engage. Her warmth and customer service skills make her a natural go-getter. She's a great addition to any team."
March 24, 2009, Tim managed Cathy indirectly at Resources for Human Development

Vice President, Business Development
Home Enterprises, Inc.

Joe Carroll
Carroll is International Marketing Consultant

"I had the privilege of working with Cathy in the 90's when I was doing guest spots on the Home Furnishings TV Network. Cathy was responsible for coordinating the camera team, selecting sites for the video shoots, managing the scripts and the talent. This is a position that requires both complex organizational and people skills. Cathy excelled in both areas. I learned a lot from her advice. She is a true professional and someone I would be proud to have on my team no matter what the task."
September 14, 2011, Joe was with another company when working with Cathy at Home Enterprises, Inc

Asst. Director of Development
Tower Hill School

Don Dietrich
Independent College Consultant

"Cathy and I worked together as administrators at Tower Hill School. In the time that I worked with Cathy, I found her to be engaging, professional, and one who possessed indefatigable energy. For several years we collaborated on a number of projects, most notably coordinating our annual career day. I say "we" but Cathy did most of the work. Her commitment to detail and her ability to effectively work with a wide and varied constituency made the project a huge success. Perhaps the true indicator of just how effective and successful Cathy was in the fact that when she left Tower Hill, so did career day. I would highly recommend Cathy for any position that involves compassion, dedication, and attention to detail. She was a most effective administrator whose absence is greatly missed"...Don Dietrich

November 25, 2009, Don worked with Cathy at Tower Hill School
MPA Adjunct Professor
Widener University Public Administration

Jessica Hoopes
Assistant Dean at Widener University

"Cathy was a wonderful teacher that was well prepared and "flipped" the classroom, which made me learn more. She had very good "real world applications” with her teaching methods. She was up to date and very knowledgeable about her field of fund raising and marketing. I looked forward to attending her classes and she was very respected by her students."

March 27, 2014, Jessica was a student of Cathy’s at Widener University

Cynthia Primo Martin,  Founder & Board Chair of Quintin E. Primo, Jr. Lecture Series and Trustees of Color; Senior Consultant at Bloom Metz